Organic Food

We serve the freshest ingredients available locally as our commitment to reduce carbon foot print for our food sources. Thus, our foods are prepared by our Muslims staff.

Blue Crayfish

  • Boiled Crayfish With Special Sauce
  • Black Pepper Crayfish
  • Steamed Crayfish


  • Acar(Sweet and Sour Pineapple with Cucumber Salad)
  • Kampung Style Seasonal Vegetables
  • Curry Mixed Vegetables
  • Scrambled Eggs with Chinese Long Beans
  • Fry Pumpkins with Crunchy Golden Oatmeal


  • Thai Style Steamed Tilapia
  • Teow Chew Style Steamed Tilapia

River Catfish

  • Asam Pedas Ikan Patin(Spicy and Sour Blue Catfish)
  • Deep Fry River Catfish